Lucky Patcher APK: How it works?

Lucky Patcher is the app which gives you the real control over the permission which gives you to install the apps on your Android device. By the help of Lucky Patcher, you can delete the excessive advertising, create the backups of other apps, change the permission, and much more.

Now a day cracking the apps has become so broad practice on Android. Lucky Patcher is the tool that is not designed for the cracking purposes, but it does offer the series of features to manipulate the apps that, illegalities aside, let you do the certain operations in the specific situations.

Lucky Patcher is analyze the list of installed the apps on your device and indicates the action which you can carry out, among which you will find out the possibility to remove the license verification included on many apps which you require them to download from the Google Play Store, modify the associated permit, extract the ape file for doing backups and any other actions like removing the ads or unlocking the paid apps to able to install them on the other devices.

The only requirement to use the Lucky Patcher is you have to root your device, which is really very easy to do with the help of tools like KingRoot or TowelRoot even of you are not super killed in the subject. Once you installed the Lucky Patcher app and run the Lucky Patcher, then you will able to get the list of all your installed apps alongside with the action you can do with them, as well as the color code on the title which indicates the compatibility with the tool when it comes to doing the certain operations:

  • Green = can be registered and disconnected from the Google Play Store.

  • Blue = It will indicate the Google Ads.

  • Red = It cannot be modified.

  • Yellow = It has a specific patch available

  • Orange = A system app.

  • Purple = The system startup app.

The some of the mentioned operations are completely illegal and others can get you out for more than one predicament. The association of this app with the Google Play Store, for instance, will make it very complicated to install it from the external source, forcing you to go through the official Android store, which is not preferred by the most of the people. By extracting this app and eliminating their permissions, you can make the app run on your device.

All these are just the small part what you will find on the Lucky Patcher, which offers loads of information about the each app that could be highly helpful, from the compendium of all the associated permissions and their description to the minimum version of Android required for a run the app.

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